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To Build A Temple
Plaster, Hemp Thread & Ceramics, 2021


In this project, I let my intuition and the materials guide me. I challenge the concept of creating art by questioning whether it is, in itself, a spiritual act. I use various materials to reference the history of humanity, our planet, and our existence. I experiment with different types of clay to create a space and objects for some form of worship. By placing the art as if in an ongoing ritual or something ancient, I aim to illustrate our connection to the world around us. And by shining a spotlight on the sculpture in the center of the room, our origin.

Welcome to my temple. What do you see?

"The lights are on, boats sail out to sea. Like ice melting on the roadside. The lights are on. Words carry my hand. From a hanging necklace to a hanging tree. Welcome to my temple, what do you see?"

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