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Subterranea 4.0


2023 - Limited Event Exhibition


Subterranea is an interdisciplinary project that takes place in Tabergsgruvan outside of Jönköping, Sweden. In this year's edition, I contributed with an entrance to this years theme of "Atlantis."


Two and a half-meter-tall pillars with accompanying podiums for abstract organic sculptures represented my part and vision for the project. I focused on very tactile work with the goal of harmonizing with the natural mine environment and I chose to use styrofoam as the base for everything that I made in plaster and copied the structure of the mountain to make my installation more immersive.
The project involved acrobats, dancers, filmmakers, and installers, as well as singers, oil painters, and lighting designers for a comprehensive experience that lasted for 6 days, with showings throughout the day where visitors embarked on a journey underground and into a cosmic spectacle.

'I use art as a mirror because I am human, I change, burn, crack, and transform."

Welcome to Subterranea 4.0!

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