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Destination Mirage
2021 - Ongoing

A new world is born.

Destination Mirage began as an exploration of transforming my art into a product and expressing my creativity beyond the academic art world. This journey led me to launch my first NFT Collection on the Fantom blockchain in October 2021.

Since then, I have created 84 unique pieces, 29 of which are paired with my sculptural ceramic work. The collection aims to include 100 original, unique pieces, laying the foundation for a larger vision. To date, the collection has reached 39 different holders worldwide.

Released weekly through the NFT Artist-supporting auction house Tombheads, the full collection can be found under my alias on Twitter: Kvarters.

In April 2022, I began collaborating with a friend and glassblower in Stockholm. Together, we create glass pendants that merge with the original collection, focusing on staying open, expanding the Mirage universe, and creating something enduring.

Welcome my friend, to Destination Mirage.

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